The purpose of Agape Christian High School is to provide high school students a quality  education without compromising the Word of God. This purpose calls for development in the  following areas:  

 I. Spiritual: 

• To present the basic tenets of Christianity. 

• To educate students so that they are enabled to successfully integrate Christian  philosophy, which includes: compassion, fairness, justice, mercy, generosity, and  service  

to others, into their lives. 

• To teach students that there is an Absolute Truth and encourage them to be truth  seekers  

in all areas of their life.  

 II. Intellectual: 

• To provide an academic climate conducive to learning. 

• To encourage the learning of necessary skills for critical thinking and those that are  required for meaningful participation in society as an adult. 

• To nurture competency in communication and research skills in each student in  order that  

they may make mature and responsible decisions. 

• To aid the home to help students in developing good study habits, in the ability and  desire  

to continue the learning process outside of school, and in being self-supporting as  adults.  

 III. Social/Cultural:  

• To provide students with opportunities for growth in social skills required for  adequate interaction in a society that incorporates numerous world cultures. • To enable students to adequately understand and appreciate the privileges and  responsibilities of living in a democracy.  

 IV. Physical: 

 • To provide opportunities for the growth in physical performance skills.  • To provide opportunities for the learning of physical skills necessary to participate   enjoyably in sports and other exercise activities.