Agape has been blessed by God and used by Him.  Our expectation for students and staff is that we reflect God’s character in our relationship to God and in our service to others.  We encourage and teach that His Spirit in us is demonstrated through our work ethic and service in the local church as well as in mission service to the world.  We have weekly chapel service for our students and staff to participate in.  Our churches are involved in local churches, serving as Bible teachers, deacons, musicians, pastors, and worship leaders.  It is our goal that 100% of staff and students serve in the community, the U.S., and the world. Agape Students serve organizations such as: Marion Soup Kitchen, Hollybrook Care Center, Love Packages, Herrin House of Hope, Whiteash Food Bank, Unity Christian School, and Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp. 

Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp is a Christian campground supported by roughly 40 independent Christian ChurcHes of Christ in our region, from Mt. Vernon to the Paducah area. Summer programs begin in June and typically run through the first week of August. Agape students worked on various projects in the cabins and around the grounds to maintain and improve the facility such as installing insulation, yard work, interior cleaning, and painting basketball goals. 

The Herrin House of Hope seeks to help the poor and needy in the Herrin area chart a new course for their lives and find hope for the future. It is a cooperative Christian ministry of Herrin’s churches, businesses and ordinary people committed to giving hope for those who are struggling in life. We follow the example of Jesus who came with good news for the poor and freedom for the oppressed (Luke 4:18). Agape students regularly serve at the House of Hope by serving in the restaurant, sorting and organizing items for the resale shop, and greeting guests. 

Love Packages is fueling international missions work and sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by putting Bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world. Agape students worked to sort, package, and prepare literature for shipment. Agape students assist a local church in providing a youth event by setting up and working in their annual Fall Festival. 

The Whiteash Freewill Baptist Church offers a Mobile Market that consistently serves over 300 cars each month. Agape students helped with bagging groceries and delivering them to the cars that drove through.